Our Programs

Toy Deliveries

The Bottomless Toy Chest makes routine deliveries to hospitals in Michigan 52 weeks a year. Annually we deliver over 30,000 toys and activities. Each item we present is brand new, gift-wrapped in cellophane and ribbon and hand-delivered to a patient. The clear gift-wrap keeps the items clean and safe for children with weakened immune systems, gives them a choice in an environment where they have no choices, and gives children who are under massive physical and emotional distress the joyful experience of opening a present.

Tons Of Toys! Holiday Hospital Events

Having cancer is tough any time of the year, but it’s particularly difficult during the Holiday Season. The Bottomless Toy Chest tries to make a bad situation a little bit better by sending our volunteer elves to hospital oncology clinics for special Holiday celebrations. Everyone gets toys at these event, siblings included. And mom and dad get a chance to see their sick child laughing and having fun in an environment than often causes stress and tears.

Patient Outings

Our Patient Outings program is for families with a child who’s in between hospital treatments and who’s well enough to leave his or her home. Cancer can be devastating not only to finances and emotions, but to every relationship in a family in ways people are often too exhausted to even acknowledge. When a child is finally well enough to be outside--even if it’s just for a few days between treatments--we want to help the whole family heal.

Outpatient Toy Program

​​We provide loads of small toys for kids who are getting needle pokes and other anxiety-producing procedures.

Celebration Of Life

We supply hundreds of toys and stuffed animals to Children's Hospital of Michigan's annual summer party for current and past patients.

Bringing toys, joy, and hope to sick kids

The Bottomless Toy Chest

Hospital Delivery Team 

Every week we’re on the road delivering fun and games to hospitalized pediatric cancer patients.

Meet our dedicated delivery team:

Mickey Guisewite

Beth Holmquist

Linda Kraft

Barbara Montgomery

Marie Selander

Cindy Sikorski

Kristen Prebay

​Christine Plant